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    We are happy to have John Gazsi as our Music Director at LUMC. He is originally from Morgantown, WV, where he received a Music Ed degree from West Virginia University.  He later went back to WVU and received a follow up degree in Landscape Architecture. His wife Claudia is a Physical Therapist and a professor of Physical Therapy at Lebanon Valley College.  They have 3 grown children - Kristopher, Benjamin and Katrina.
        John's background includes teaching string and vocal music in the WV public schools, and later moving to Lititz where he worked as a Landscape Architect. He currently is the Concert Master with the Hershey Symphony.


It's time to get the choir back together and sing our praises to God! In order to best prepare ourselves and get to know each other, I would like to start rehearsals soon.   Many of you know that I continue to play Violin with the Hershey Symphony Orchestra but their weekly rehearsals are on Thursday evenings (the night that I understand was your previous rehearsal time). So since that is a conflict I propose that we set our rehearsals for Saturday Mornings at 9:30am each week (time is flexible if a change works better). Saturday mornings at the church are generally open and this will allow us to avoid night driving and will permit a rehearsal closer to Sunday mornings as well.

Finally, please invite friends that I may not have on my list to also consider joining the choir...the more the merrier!

Thank You

 John Gazsi


Lorraine Gernert, Organist