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Kensill Fund For Hope Auction




    Praise the Lord!  Thanks to His leading and the generous outpouring of donations from businesses and church members, the many who helped with solicitation of donations, mailings, setting up, food preparation and serving, clean up, those who came to bid at the auction (55 numbers were assigned this year), and those who made monetary donations, the auction was a huge success.  We raised over $8,500 from the yard sale, food sales and auction and a fun time was had by all.


    But the true joy comes from helping the youth in the area of Philadelphia where Mid-Town Parish UMC is located with scholarship money to supplement the cost of their higher education.  Many of our Mid-Town friends were at the auction. Before the auction began, Millicent Clark, a recipient of a KFH scholarship and a recent graduate of Drexel University, spoke to express her gratitude for the funding she received from KFH and to thank Leola UMC for their part in raising funds for this 501 (C)(3) Foundation.  Her touching testimonial brought to life exactly how the

KFH helps scholarship recipients achieve their educational goals and they in turn give back to the community.


    This year we have three scholarship applicants and the opportunity to touch these young people.  It is because of your support and contributions to the KFH that the foundation will be able to award funding to these students. Thanks be to God and our faithful supporters here at Leola UMC and at Mid-Town Parish UMC.



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