Gabriel's Horn, Pastor George Weaver, July, 2012

posted Jul 2, 2012, 2:22 PM by Lois Kerchner   [ updated Jul 2, 2012, 2:22 PM ]

Dependability and Permanent Sticking-Power

Even though her toddler was throwing a furious tantrum, one resolute young mother was seemingly unfazed. "You may as well give up on the crying," she pronounced as calmly as if she were soothing her child to bed instead of leading her out of the store. "It won't work my little sweetheart!  You're stuck with me for 18 years."

That little child may not know how lucky she is to be “stuck” with her Mom for 18 years. Even when she's cranky, out of sorts or otherwise going through a phase, her mother will be there. She's stuck with her. Most relationships that truly matter are built on that kind of sticking power. Unfortunately not everyone has someone they can always count on to stick around.

People have been known to leave relationships for any number of reasons. Sometimes there may be circumstances that justify putting certain relationships behind us. Not every friendship or romance has a healthy future. Sometimes there are so many destructive problems and behaviors involved that a happy relationship has no realistic chance of long term survival. Sometimes unabashed addictions make staying in a permanent relationship impossible. Occasionally leaving is absolutely necessary.

But there's also a time to stick around. Something all relationships of many years have in common is this: every one of them is made up of people who have had plenty of opportunities to bolt or quit, to move out or to move on, but instead they stuck around. Maybe because they knew that the people they love are not always going to be "lovable" or easy to be with, and that's okay. They want a relationship that matters, one that is important and lasting, and the kind that is nurtured by lots of patience and understanding.

Typically in most, if not in all relationships, there will come times of testing. Whenever a relationship goes through a rough patch and survives some sort of adversity, every time the parties involved decide that being together is important enough to stick it out and fix what's wrong, then significant change can occur.  Perhaps not all that much at first, but definitely a little bit. And in time, and little    by little, that relationship, their "togetherness," will become a thing of beauty; a pearl of great value.

It is definitely worth sticking around. Dependable people are those whose lives are led by the Spirit, who reflect a harvest of the fruit of the Spirit including, “love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, fidelity, gentleness and self-control.” And as St. Paul puts it in Gal. 5:22-23, “Against such things there is no law.”

                      George Weaver, Pastor of Maturing Ministries