Gabriel's Horn, Pastor George Weaver, November, 2014

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 I suspect that it probably was not original with him, but comedian Jerry Seinfeld supposedly remarked, "If you can't be kind, at least have the decency to be vague." Goodness and kindness actually extend far beyond how we talk about each other. The person who dares to be good — and to DO “good” —  may have to find the heart to stand up and be counted.

 Not too long into the American Civil War the North finally won a victory on the battlefield at Antietam. President Abraham Lincoln used the occasion to produce a proclamation to free all the slaves in America. He called all his cabinet members together and laid the document before them. All that morning Lincoln had been shaking the hands of wellwishers and his arm and hand were stiff. He rested his tired arm and spoke to Secretary of State William Seward.

 "If my name ever goes into history, it will be for this act, and my whole soul is in it. If my hand trembles when I sign the Proclamation, all who examine the document hereafter will say, 'He hesitated."'

 Then he picked up a pen and signed "Abraham Lincoln" in bold hand writing. That signature, coupled with a later Union victory, changed the course of history forever. American slaves were finally freed.

 It's not always about being nice and decent. It's about doing the right thing. And it was never expressed any better by anyone than by eighteenth century church reformer and founder of Methodism, John Wesley (1703-1790).

 The “Current Issues Sunday School Class” is currently working through the lesson material by UM Pastor and author, Adam Hamilton, entitled “Revival,” which takes a rather thorough look at Methodist beginnings and the life and work of Wesley.

 Hamilton says, “The faith that Wesley lived engaged head, heart, and hands. It held together both the evangelical gospel, calling us to trust in Christ as Savior and Lord, and the social gospel, calling us to be instruments for healing in a broken world...

(Wesley) combined a belief in the wideness of God's mercy with a call to holiness of heart and life. Wesley's faith — grace-filled, authentic, passionate, personal, practical, intellectual; shared in small groups, celebrated in worship, lived out in the world — is a faith with power to captivate the hearts of a whole new generation of people to bring revival in our time.”

 There's no better way to serve Christ than by emulating these notable words of Wesley:


"Do all the good you can, by all the means you can,

in all the ways you can, in all the places you can,

at all the times you can, to all the people you can,

as long as ever you can."



George Weaver, Pastor of Maturing Ministries