Gabriel's Horn, Pastor George Weaver, October, 2011

posted Oct 4, 2011, 7:07 PM by Lois Kerchner   [ updated Oct 4, 2011, 7:12 PM ]

Step Up To Help!

 In our world today one out of every six people lives on less than a dollar a day. What would your life look like if you had to live on less than a dollar a day?

 First of all you won’t have electricity, even if you have access to it, you can’t afford it. So forget about the lights and turn off the TV. If you want music, you will have to make it yourself.

 Clean out your closet, you can keep one set of clothes - but no shoes. And, of course, you will have to get rid of your cell phone.

 Now you have to leave your house - it’s far to grandiose. You can move into the tool shed in the backyard if you happen to have one. Next, get rid of your car keys. Anytime you travel from now on, you walk!

 And, speaking of walking, you will need to get started soon to go get water. You don’t have plumbing or tap water. All the water you use must be carried, sometimes for many miles. (Two million children die each year from infections spread by dirty water and lack of access to decent sanitation.  Women in developing countries walk average 3.6 miles each day to get fresh water each day for their families).

After you get back from your daily chore of carrying the water, you will then need to walk some more to gather firewood. That’s how you cook whatever food you have.

 With all this walking there’s not much time for anything else, such as school. This is especially true for girls. So, in all likelihood, you can’t read!

 Another problem, of course, is food. Living on less than a dollar a day means you are hungry much of the time.

With food and safe water continually uncertain you are going to be sick a lot and reliable health care is hard to come by - if it is available at all. This means your life will be short.

As you can see, the realities of life for people struggling with extreme poverty can be very harsh indeed. But it doesn’t necessarily have to be that way. You, in fact, can help to make a substantial difference in the lives of one-sixth of our human family.

 Support the annual CROP Hunger Walk in our local community which takes place this year on Sunday, October 23. Become a walker yourself and/or give generously to support the “least, last, and lost” throughout our world.


Pastor George Weaver