Comments by Pastor Bev, Gabriel's Horn, April, 2022

posted Apr 5, 2022, 11:23 AM by Lois Kerchner

The Month of New Life!

Welcome to April, the month of all sorts of new life. This month begins with a “Fools Day” but it quickly moves into the most vital days in the history of the world.

As we move into Holy Week, 2022, I know we will all be thinking about the current condition of our world. War in Ukraine, countries still struggling with the pandemic and unable to get access to vaccines, and general human relations in a very sad state. Conditions in the world were not so different at the first Holy Week. There was the Pax Romana, but it actually only benefited those in the ruling class of Roman citizens. For the common people of the world, things were bleak indeed.

Against this backdrop, God moved in powerful ways in the ministry, trial, death and resurrection of Jesus, God With Us. I often refer to Holy Week as a roller coaster because we go from the high of Palm Sunday’s cheering throngs to the low of a trial (actually 3 trials) filled with mockery and misunderstanding; followed by the agony of the cross; to the shocking revelation of the empty tomb. The middle of this month finds us standing with the disciples who find the risen Jesus in their midst, followed by his ascension. Wow!! That’s a lot of emotion and a lot of God at work in a few weeks. Powerful work!

I pray that in these weeks ahead you will set aside time each day to consider God’s work in this world – both then and now. God has not stopped working, you know. And Jesus is still working through the ever-present Holy Spirit. However, in our busyness it’s easy to miss this work. I try to take at least half an hour each day to simply sit and open my mind, asking God to bring to mind the works God wants me to notice. Sometimes this turns out to be noticing what’s happening in nature as flowers and trees bloom or birds make nests and sing. Other times, it’s about noticing those quiet stories of what Mr. Rogers called “The Helpers” in difficult places. Almost always, I feel God moving in my heart, speaking thoughts of encouragement and love.

You are all in my prayers as we walk through this season of losing so many of the pillars of this congregation to their heavenly home. Their legacies are an inspiration to live our faith in every part of our lives and of this world.

I look forward to seeing you in our worship this month, especially. There are so many reason to worship! Blessings,

Pastor Bev