Comments by Pastor Bev, Gabriel's Horn, June, 2022

posted Jun 5, 2022, 3:48 AM by Lois Kerchner

Well, here we are. This is my last newsletter article for you as you prepare to greet Rev. David Ryan and his dear wife, Jeanette, who will lead you well. I want to let you know what an honor and blessing it has been to serve among you these six months. Let me list some of the things I have deeply appreciated about this congregation, things to keep up. 


1. So many of you truly work at necessary things in the life of the church. I have been touched by the volunteers helping at all the funeral lunches we’ve needed (way too many, we all agree!). Those of you who lead worship in the 9am service have been a huge help, especially in writing down the prayer requests with names I often don’t recognize. The Funeral Team has done yeoman’s work helping to make sure the sanctuary was prepped and details covered as we celebrated all the precious lives. Committee chairs and members who both think about and do the practical work of carrying out the responsibility of your areas. You take your work seriously, and it shows. The sound and AV team has been phenomenal. Again, such a blessing. And all who pray continuously for Leola UMC. Praying for the church, with openness to God’s call, is truly vital. 


2. Although I know there have been some situations during the pandemic when there have been lapses in reaching out, I have seen how much you care for one another in this congregation. You’ve let me know about your own needs and those of others. This is such a gift to a Pastor. You know, there’s no course for clairvoyance in seminary, lol. We can’t know what you need unless you tell us, And thanks to the We Care Team. I so appreciate their faithfulness in visiting and being in touch with those who can’t get out to church. I encourage those of you who visit individually to consider joining this group. I suggest another Hand Tree. 


3. Each one of you who has participated in worship, whether in person or online. It has been such a joy to see stable attendance across these six months! It has been wonderful to know that some of you have returned after long absences, and others are so very faithful on Zoom, so we can know you’re with us. I was gratified to see our large attendance at the vital Ash Wednesday and Maundy Thursday services. These are such core times for the community of faith. 


4. For each of you who has spoken with me personally in supportive ways. You have no idea how helpful it is for pastors to hear when we’re doing something that works for you, something that touches you. Very often we pastors have to guess whether we’re having any effect at all. Your words are a huge gift. Keep it up. 


In short, I will treasure this time together with you all in my heart. You are good people, and I will continue to hold you all, along with Pastor David and Jeanette, in my prayers. I thank God for our time together.


With love, Pastor Bev