Comments by Pastor Bev, Gabriel's Horn, May, 2022

posted Apr 27, 2022, 11:23 AM by Lois Kerchner
It’s May! The month of graduations and celebrations of family and mothers is here. I want to congratulate us all on having made it through another winter that held on so tightly. We’ve had wonderful Holy Week and Easter worship. Christ is risen indeed! And Leola UMC is continuing to move forward as the people of God in this place and time. Hallelujah!

In this month of fields and yards showing growth all around us, I want to invite everyone to take part in continuing the growth of this congregation. There are two important ways Jesus calls us to grow: 1) loving God and 2) loving the people around us. We are still in Eastertide in the church. Loving God includes continuing to let the Easter truths of victory over death and trust in God’s promises lead us every day. We are also moving closer to welcoming a new pastor. Well, new to those who weren’t here 25 years ago. As Pastor David and Jeanette are preparing to move into Fellowship House, we need to prepare both to welcome them and to work together effectively going forward. SPRC is working to organize our welcome plans in coordination with the Ryans. Stay tuned…

Leola UMC is a wonderful church body, and I truly believe that your best years are ahead of you. God has been with you throughout the changes of recent times, and God will remain with you in the productive and joyful years ahead. I have found deep faith and a beautiful willingness to help, to care, and to work hard among this whole congregation. Young and old, male and female, first service and second service… you’re all pretty amazing. I’ve been wanting to offer some opportunities for everyone to come together since I’ve arrived. You work together very well, as the funeral lunches and Easter giveaway have evidenced.
On June 15, 6:00p.m. to 8:45p.m., I’ll be leading a workshop, to which the whole congregation is invited, Called Working Together Effectively in the Body of Christ, it will be a hybrid meeting, in person as well as on Zoom, we will focus on honing our ways of communicating and working together. As your interim pastor, I’ve noticed some areas in which we duplicate efforts or even seem to work at cross-purposes, when we’re aiming for similar goals. Misunderstandings, and hurt feelings, as well as dropped balls, can be the result. And these things sometimes deter people who have much to contribute. I’ve also noticed some areas in which some of our Methodist methods are slipping in the confusion and desire for comfort of the Covid Years. Fine tuning will mean everyone’s really ready for the next season of growth when Pastor David arrives in June. Watch for the email blast and bulletin announcements!

---Whatever you do this month, remember that you ARE a part of the risen and living Body of Christ here at Leola. YOU matter here. Have a blessed and joyous May!

 Pastor Bev