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Journey of Stones - Lent

posted Feb 26, 2015, 9:19 AM by Lois Kerchner
During Lent, we will be contemplating the stones in life that weigh us down.  Stones that separate or prevent us from living as God intended.  Think for a moment of how many stones we carry in our walk in life.  If you hold a grudge against someone -- there's a stone in your bag to carry.  Or maybe regret from a past mistake?  There's a small load of stones weighing you down.  Forgiveness you're not ready to give or receive?  That's like a sharp stone in your shoe.  It hurts with every step.  Pretty soon, we're overwhelmed by the sheer load.
    This season of Lent, we're taking a Journey of Stones.  We're letting go of the rocks that weigh us down.  We're giving them to Jesus Christ.  He knows what to do with them.  The question is, are your ready to hand them over?  When Lent ends and Easter begins, we'll experience what it means to give your stones over to Jesus.
    Every Sunday in Lent, there will be stones available to write down your sins, worries, confessions.  We have a choice of what to do with these stones.  You can hang on to them as a painful reminder of our sin that will continue to make us bitter, broken people.  Or we can let them go.  We can lay them at the foot of the cross and ask God to give us another chance.
    Join us and take part in this meaningful journey during Lent.