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Update on Pastor Tom

posted Nov 15, 2021, 1:29 PM by Lois Kerchner

After living in Fellowship House in recent months, Pastor Tom has relocated to his retirement home, which is located in East Hempfield Township.      He is now close to his children and grandchildren, and within easy driving distance to Leola UMC.    Pastor made this move as he would need to be in a permanent location by next June, 2022, when he will be fully retired.

As you know, Pastor Tom retired from full time ministry on July 31 of this year.   He was asked, and agreed, to remain with Leola UMC in a Part Time basis until next June.   His formal designation is “Retired: Part Time.”     In this time of transition, Leola will work with the Conference to secure a full-time pastor.

Pastor Tom’s primary role is preaching on Sundays, attending administrative meetings, and trying to organize a lay led ministry of care and visitation.   He will also participate, as able, in current church activities.

Pastor Tom no longer receives a housing allowance or full time salary, as he is on Medicare, a pension, and social security.    Leola has agreed to help with some Medicare related costs.

Please keep Pastor Tom in prayer as he relocates and enters a new phase of life, and seeks to discern what the future has in store.