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Assisting in Worship

Assisting in Worship ~ June, 2019

If you cannot fulfill your assigned job, please switch with someone, and let the office know one week in advance.

June 2

June 9

June 16

June 23

June 30

9am~Lay Reader

Mary Yohe

Lois Kerchner

Frances Peck

Ron Blanshine

Mark Hoffman



Gerry Michael

Don Young

Cliff Bixler

Bev & Ervin Nolt

Adrianne & Chris Gorman

Elevator Operator

Floris Steinruck

Mark Hoffman

Frank Risner

Mary Clinton

Floris Steinruck


Bill & Randy Petrarco

Dave & Louise Morris

Rita Waltz

Sally Bures


Communion Stewards

John & Cindy Shenk

9:00 am ~  Ushers


Usher Team # 2 ~ Gene Haggerty, Peg Haggerty, JoAnn Mellinger, Floris Steinruck

10:30 am ~  Ushers

10:30 am  Ushers ~ Children in the service