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History of Methodism in Leola, PA

posted Sep 11, 2011, 4:54 AM by Steve F   [ updated Sep 11, 2011, 4:58 AM ]
The church built on the land purchased by John W. Bender was a plain red brick building similar to a one-room schoolhouse. There was no center aisle, but, rather, an aisle on each side. Large stoves made of cast iron stood on each side. Large cardboard signs warned: “Tobacco Prohibited.” However, it is recorded that one tobacco user always used the coal bucket while others spat on the floor. During this period the women sat on one side of the church and the men on the other.

June 11, 1864 is the first recorded date of the Methodist Church of Leola being represented in a Quarterly Conference. That Conference was held in Georgetown. Other churches of the circuit  represented at the Conference were Soudersburg, Bird-in-Hand, Intercourse, New Holland and Hinkletown. The preacher in charge of this Circuit was paid $650 a year and the Junior preacher received $300. This was called the “Enterprise Circuit.”

On September 17, 1864 the Second Quarterly Conference was held at the Bareville Church. The Bareville Church was the name used for what was to become the Leola Methodist Church. This was the first  Quarterly Conference of the Enterprise Circuit of record that was held at our church.