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History of Methodism in Leola, PA

posted Sep 22, 2011, 2:42 PM by Steve F
Leola Methodist Church, Leola PA
In 1895 Rev. Robert E. Johnson was appointed to our Circuit, and a fall revival was held to revitalize the church and to encourage growth. People drove by horse and buggy as far as 10 miles to attend this revival which ran every night for a period of six to eight weeks. Records show that during this revival the church was often filled, and the doors were opened in spite of cold weather so the people standing on the outside could also take part in the services. Children were often seated on the pulpit steps when all of the seats were filled.

The church continued to grow and in May 1897 a class of forty people joined the church. Three different pastors served the Circuit from 1895 through 1904. In March 1904 a decision made at the Philadelphia Conference, our church was transferred from the Bird-in-Hand Circuit and became known as the Leola and New Holland Circuit. Rev. E. W. Rushton was appointed as the first minister of this new Circuit. Since this new Leola - New Holland Circuit had no parsonage, it was required that any pastor appointed be single.

It was in 1904 that plans were formulated to build a new and much larger church building. The last worship service was held in the old church on June 9, 1907.The new brownstone church constructed across the street on the north side of the “pike” was dedicated June 16, 1907, and with additions and renovations remains there in 2011