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History of Our Buildings

posted Nov 22, 2010, 12:51 PM by Steve F

Leola United Methodist Church first church building
    The first Methodist Church in the Leola area, a small brick building that stood on an acre of ground diagonally southwest across Route 23 from our present Church, had its beginning on April 2, 1861.
    The 2nd Church Building was occupied on June 16, 1907, when the members and friends of the church marched across Route 23 toward the stately brownstone structure, which they dedicated as the new Leola Memorial Methodist Episcopal Church.  This was the beginning  of our present Church Building 103 years ago.  (See pictures of the 1907 dedication program here, including the advertisements.)

1907 Dedication picture

    The Educational Building was occupied on February, 1958.  In 1910 the first parsonage was located at 7 S. Maple Ave.  In 1911, the 2nd parsonage was at 30 E. Main St.; the 3rd was at 70 W. Main St. in 1915; the 4th at 7W. Main St., built in 1926, and the 5th on Blaine Ave. in 1971.  We currently do not own a parsonage.
    In 1972, it was voted to remodel rather than to demolish and rebuild the church, built in 1907.  On September 26, 1972, the work began.  The entire inside of the church building was removed.  The only thing standing was the outer walls.  The old interior had the chancel area in the north, semicircular pews in the Nave, and  two isles from rear to front.  Everything in the remodeled sanctuary was new: furniture, floors, ceiling, lights, roof and organ.  The new sanctuary was ready on September 30, 1973.
    In 1984, the church constructed an addition to the Narthex.  In 1997, the church purchased the house at 7 W. Main Street, and moved the offices to that building, called "Fellowship House".  In 1999, the church purchased the Scout House from the Lions Club, and land from Greenleaf Enterprises, behind the church, to allow for more parking.